Skipping through life with a free, joyous spirit, I endured the most fun. I made memories.  Good ones at that!  From playing teacher to being the videographer among my friends and family business, I loved photos and videos and possibly being in charge :).  Nevertheless, my mom bought me a 110mm camera that I cherished forever.  I captured moments to treasure for a lifetime. It was years later, that I realized photos really are for a lifetime.  My family purchased their first VHS camcorder and my friends and I finally hit the big screen singing our favorite songs.  Back then I thought, "This is AWESOME! We're famous!" Today, I realize it was another moment captured to cherish forever. 

Through the years, I continued taking photos with my 110 and later purchased an Olympus 35mm camera.  It was "big" so I became bold by trying to figure out how to work it.  In my college humanities class, I was the only student with a "big camera".  When the professor put us into groups to go photography various styles of  architecture in historic Augusta, I was eager go out!  I discovered a sincere interest in architecture and my ability to photograph it.

That's where it all started for me.  Capturing moments at Georgia Football games for players to prom, I realized I had a noticeable passion and interest in photography.  So here I am today, serving my community and clients by making dreams come true by creating lasting memories. 

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